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These books were created for the friends and bards of Tuatha de Bhriain of the Bog and the Irish folk band Bardic Circle from the County Suffolk.

Book of Song Vol. I


The Book of Song Vol. I is a lyrics and music reference for the bards of Bardic Circle. The 2009 edition is 8.5″ x 11″ paperback 207 pages. This is the version with the classic tunes from the Mainlia era, the early Comyns years, and Momus’ hits. This volume is expected to be re-released in a 2nd edition next year with corrections and hopefully more music notation.

While certainly usable, this version contains many errors.


A Bunch of Thyme 
A Nation Once Again 
Ailie Bain O’ the Glen 
All For Me Grog 
All the way from Tuam 
Andrew Lammie 
Annie Laurie 
Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi 
Arthur McBride and the Sergeant 
As I Roved Out 
Auld Lang Syne 
Back home in Derry 
Ballad of the Lady Jane, The 
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The 
Barbara Allen 
Bard of Armagh 
Barrett’s Privateers 
Battle of Harlaw, The 
Bhudnahi! (by Mainlia) 
Black Velvet Band 
Blackbird, The 
Blacksmith, The 
Bold Fenian Men (Down by the Glenside) 
Chandler’s Wife, The 
Charlie Mopps 
Cliffs of Dooneen 
Cold Blow & the Rainy Night 
Colin’s Shabeen (by Aonghus) 
Come out ye black and tans 
Courtin’ in the Kitchen 
Crazy Man Michael 
Cruiscin Lan 
Dick Darby 
Dig it by Momus 
Dirty Old Town 
Donald MacGillavry 
Drunken Sailor, The 
Ed Keeney’s Wild Rover 
Faellon’s Cellar by Momus 
Fair Game by Momus 
Far over yon hills 
Farmer’s Lament by Momus 
Fhear A Bhata 
Table of Contents~ 3 ~
Fiddler’s Green 
Foggy Dew, The 
Follow Me Up to Carlow 
Four Green Fields 
God Save Ireland 
Good Ale 
Green Fields Of France 
Greenland Whale Fisheries 
Harp that Once, The 
Heave Away 
Here’s A Health To The Company 
I’ll Tell Me Ma 
I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day (Jack Stewart) 
I’m a Rover 
Immigrant Song 
Into the Drink 
Irish Ballad, The 
Johnson’s Motor Car 
Jolly Beggarman, The 
Jug of Punch 
Juice of the Barley, The 
Lanigan’s Ball 
Leaving Nancy 
Leaving of Liverpool 
Lord Randal 
Love is teasing 
Lowlands of Holland, The 
Maids When You’re Young 
Matty Groves 
Mayhem Maybe 
Mermaid, The 
Minstrel Boy, The 
Mo Ghile Mear 
Moonshiner, The 
My Gentle Harp 
Nancy Whiskey 
Night Paddy Murphy Died 
Norseland Warrior’s Reply 
Now Be Thankful 
Old Triangle, The 
Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore 
Pagan Ways 
Parting Glass, The 
Queen of Argyll, The 
Wearing of the Green, The 
Ramblin’ Rover, The 
Real old Mountain Dew 
Red is the Rose 
Ride On 
Rising of the Moon, The 
Rocky Road to Dublin 
Rooster, The 
Rose of Tralee, The 
Rosin The Bow 
Sally MacLennane 
Scarborough Fair 
Seven Drunken Nights 
Shan Van Vocht (Poor Old Woman) 
Shule Agra 
Sick Bed of Cuchulainn 
Sloop John B 
Sonnatorrek, The 
South Australia 
Spancil Hill 
Spotted Cow 
Star of the County Down 
Steal Away 
Streams Of Whiskey 
Three Drunken Maidens 
Twa Corbies 
Waxie’s Dargle 
What Will I Think Of by Momus 
Where Now 
Whiskey Down by Momus 
Whiskey in the Jar 
Whiskey, you’re the devil 
Whistler, The 
Whistling Gypsy Rover, The 
Wickerman, The 
Wild Colonial Boy, The 
Wild Rover, The 
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? 
Wond’ring Aloud 
Xmas - Adeste Fideles 
Xmas - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 
Xmas - Good King Wenceslas 
Xmas - Hark the herald angels sing 
Xmas - The Holly and the Ivy 

Book of Song Vol. II 2nd Edition


The Book of Song, Vol I (2009) and Vol II (2012) each contain an entirely different set of songs. This all new Book of Song Vol II, 2nd edition (2015) is 8.5" x 11" spiral bound 197 pages and includes all of the songs originally published in Vol II, 1st edition (2012) but includes corrections and notations made during practices and performances since that time and has been expanded to include 48 new tunes learned and performed since then.

Sheet music has been added to many of the less common tunes (and originals), and there are some handy reference sheets for chords in DADGAD and on mandolin. Many new illustrations add color. While Vol I contains primarily Irish folk tunes, this work is slightly more eclectic. While you'll certainly find more Irish, Scottish, and Welsh folk tunes, there are some classic rock songs and folky re-workings of metal tunes that Bardic Circle regularly performs, as well.

Contents - Songs and Ballads

A Bar in Amsterdam
A Song for Ireland
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Amhran na bhFiann
As I Roved Out
Banna Strand
Bardic Circle Revealed (May the Circle Be Unbroken)
Birkin Tree, The
Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Boys of Bluehill
Brennan on the moor
Bridget O'Malley
Bushes and Briars
Ca the Yowes to the Knowes
City of New Orleans
Come By the Hills
Danny Boy
Dark-eyed Sailor, The
Death of Queen Jane, The
Effervescing Elephant
Effen Bee, The
Fair Annie
Fairytale Of New York
Ferryman, The
Fields of Athenry, The
Fisherman's Blues
Freight Train
First of May
Galway Races
Girl I Left Behind, The 
Gnome, The
Grannia Weal
Greenwood Laddie, The
Hard Times
Haul Away for Rosie
Holly Bears a Berry, The (Christmas)
Holy Ground, The
Hosts of Faery
I Don't Know You Anymore
I'll Follow You into the Dark
I Wish I Was in England
Irish Pub, The
Irish Rover, The
Irish Soldier Laddie
Isn't It Grand, Boys? (Look at the Coffin)
Jock O' Hazeldean
James Connolly
Karma Police
Kelly's, The
Lady in Black
Lean and Unwashed Tiffy
Long Long Road
Lord Franklin
Man in the Moon (came down too soon)
Marie's Wedding
Mary and the Soldier
Martinmas Time
Missus McGrath
More You Pay, The
Mountains of Mourne
Moving On Song, The
Muirsheen Durkin
No Time For Love
O'-Dark Thirty
Old Dun Cow
Old Maid in the Garrett
Old Man Said to his Daughter Dear, The
On Board the Kangaroo
Ordinary Man
Oro, Oro
The Patriot Game
Poor Paddy on the Railway
Port of Amsterdam
Pursuit of Vikings
Rambles of Spring, The
Red Haired Mary
Roddy McCorley
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Sad Songs and Waltzes
Sally's Song
Saucy Sailor
Saucy Ward
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Sheep are 'neath the Snow, The
Sing, Sing a Song
Some Say the Devil is Dead
The Stache
Ten Thousand Miles Away
This ships going down
Those Were The Days
Tippin' Along
Together for Norseland
Town I loved so well, The
Two Magicians, The
Troll Sat Alone
Water is Alright in Tay
Wearin' the Britches
What a Wonderful World
What Did You Learn In School
When My Time Comes
Where's the Boy
Who'll Stop The Rain
Whiskey Johnny
Working Class Hero
Ye Jacobites!
About the Book of Song

Contents - Sheet Music

Birken Tree, The
Boys of Bluehill
Bridget O'Malley
Bushes and Briars
Ca the Yowes to the Knowes
Come By The Hills
Danny Boy
The Dark Eyed Sailor
The Death of Queen Jane
Fair Annie
Fields of Athenry
Galway Races, The
Haul Away for Rosie
Holly Bears a Berry, The
Irish Rover, The
Irish Soldier Laddie
Isn't It Grand Boys
Mary's Wedding
Martinmas Time
Mountains of Mourne
Old Maid in the Garret
Old Dun Cow
Good Ship Kangaroo Reel
Sheep are 'neath the snow, The
Ten thousand Miles Away
Dennis Murphy's Polka
Bill Sullivan's Polka
Britches Full of Stitches, The
Drowsy Maggie
Foxhunter's Jig
Humours of Trim, The
Harvest Home
Lord Inchiquin
Maggie in the Woods
Mooncoin, The
Mrs McGrath
Out on the Ocean
Kesh, The
Si Bheag Si Mhor