The Book of Song is a collaborative work of Bardic Circle.

All musicians end up with some kind of notebook or three ring binder stuffed with lyrics, chords, old set lists and other notes. Eventually these sheets become dog-eared and stained and they’ve been photocopied so many times over that you can barely read them. Bardic Circle is no different, as we learned new tunes we’d try to get copies to all the other bards and then when we’d change a key or a phrase only half of us would get the memo. To solve this, we started publishing the Book of Song!

The Book of Song Volume II (2015) Second Edition
Book of Song Vol IIThe all new Book of Song Vol II 2nd Edition (2015) is now available on Lulu! 202 pages, including 48 new tunes since 1st Edition (2012), many with music notation, most with guitar chords. While you’ll certainly find more Irish, Scottish, and Welsh folk tunes, there are some classic rock songs and folky re¬≠workings of metal tunes that Bardic Circle regularly performs, as well. Please note that by popular demand, this edition has been coil bound!

The Original Book of Song Volume I (2009)
The 2009 Book of Song is available on Lulu! note: now discounted!
Book of Song 2009 The 2009 edition is 208 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ paperback. This is the version with the classic tunes from the Mainlia era, the early Comyns years, and Momus’ hits. This volume is expected to be re-released in a 2nd edition next year with corrections and hopefully more music notation.