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Hauppauge FD Half-way to St Pattys Day Fundraiser

Come down to the Hauppauge FD Main House on Sept 22nd at 4pm! $30 gets you entrance for all you can eat Corned Beef and Cabbage, Killeans Beer and live Irish Music by

    John Corr and Larry Moser (local Irish folk musicians)

  • Bardic Circle (three of us at least)
  • Scully (two lads from Ohio)
  • Michael Wind will follow after nightfall for dancing
  • stay later for 80s/90s rock band
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AOH Div 2 – Feb 11th CANCELLED

UPDATE: gah! we can’t seem to get it together lately. Sickness and other issues have kept us from getting out there, but hang in there – we’ll be back soon!

Come out and sing along at the AOH Div 2 in Babylon on February 11th. There’s a dance the night before so attendance by the regulars is expected to be quite light so this is a great opportunity to come check us (and the place) out as anyone showing up at all will be all the more appreciated!

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Update Nov 1, 2011: There will be a big dance at the hall that day so our gig that night is cancelled. We are trying to reschedule.

Three of us at least will be at the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Babylon on November 5. Our last show there (Oct 8th) was a lot of fun but there weren’t a lot of people out that night which made for a more relaxed evening. We spent time in between sets talking with the regulars and a couple new friends and sharing a pint or two. If you haven’t been there before, its a great venue and the beer is really good… and cheap! 🙂 We plan on getting there around 7:30pm and playing till whenever we get kicked out.

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Hauppauge Half-way to St Pattys Day

Bardic Circle performed at Hauppauge Fire Department’s Half-way to St. Patty’s Day fund raiser again this year along with 7s and 3s and Scully. The event was less well attended that those in the past due to an expected rainstorm (which never actually materialized) but the music was great, the food was awesome, and from what we could tell everyone had a really good time. This year we were lucky to have Kevin and Nick of Scully come out all the way from Ohio to play a set and they were great!

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Post parade party

The folks at Division 2 in Babylon are really a great bunch. The place was packed with post parade partiers (after the East Islip parade) and we tried to keep them singing as much as possible. Members of the Circle wandered in one at a time till we were the full five at five! Every time you blinked there was another one of us appearing! We entertained a bunch of requests and found that there are definitely some house favorites which we will endeavor to practice up – luckily everyone in the bar knew the lyrics so we didn’t really have to 😉

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End of hibernation

With the holidays and all the recent snows our practice and recording schedule slowed down considerably. We did still get together, but less often and we haven’t been able to schedule enough free time to make any firm plans to play anywhere – but we’re back on track now for the last couple of weeks! We’ve emerged from hibernation and have been hitting the books to learn some new tunes and work up new approaches to some of the old ones. Cate and Nate have been trading off instruments a little, and Cate has been working on singing a couple more tunes. We look forward to spring and playing a little for you all again!

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Hauppauge FD fundraiser

Thanks to all who came out to see us at the Hauppauge Half-way to St Patty’s Day fundraiser at the main house this past Saturday. This year the weather was great, and attendance was something over 330 (not counting HFD staff) so hopefully we’ll be doing it again next year. Nate didn’t get much of a chance to socialize since he and Tim sat in with 7s and 3s (a couple of their guys couldn’t make it), but he did get to try his hand at the fiddle for a bunch of tunes which is something the Bardic Circle crew has been trying desperately (though so far fairly successfully) to scuttle for some time now. Happily (for Nate) they couldn’t stop him from scratching away on it with another band!

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Historical context

A lot of the old songs we sing are Irish folk tunes that in one way or another refer to historical events in Ireland. The names and places we sing about were once on the lips of everyday citizens. There’s an article on the the Irish Times website which helps put some of the most important events over the last 150 years in Ireland into context.