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This is one of those songs in the Book of Song which I inherited from Mainlia and never took the time to look at. I am quite glad I decided to do so tonight. After a version by James Connolly, though he does it in the far more accessible key of B, I wanted this song in a higher register.

    A Bunch of Thyme

    by trad
    Come [F] all you [C7] maidens young and [F] fair,
    all [F] you that are [Am] blooming in your [C7] prime
    and [F] always [F7] beware to keep your [Bb] garden [C7] fair,
    let [F] no man [C7] steal away your [F] thyme.

    For thyme it is a precious thing
    and thyme brings all things to mind.
    Thyme with all its flavors, along with all its joys,
    thyme brings all things to my mind.

    Once I had a bunch of thyme.
    I thought it never would decay.
    Then came a lusty sailor, who chanced to pass my way
    and stole my bunch of thyme away.


    The sailor gave to me a rose,
    a rose that never would decay.
    He gave it to me to keep reminded
    of when he stole my thyme away.