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capo 4
Damh does this in DADGAD tuning, but since I'm usually in standard tuning I have rewritten it
Em7sus4 020230
F#m7b9 202020
Em7 020030
A7 x02020
Em9 xx2032

    Green and Grey

    by Damh the Bard
    Intro [Em7sus4] [F#m7b9] x4 picked

    [Em7sus4] Early one [A7] morning, [G] around the first of May,
    [A7] A man in black [Em7] came walking, [G] into a woodland glade,
    [Em7sus4] Following the [A7] sounds of pipes on this [G] beautiful Spring day,
    [A7] High from the [Em7] music that they [A7] made.

    But what beheld him within that place?
    A look of recognition fell across his face,
    “Lucifer, oh Lucifer, why do you appear to me?
    For I am a man of God, a priest.

    [D] I’m no [Em9] devil I’m [G] Father to the land,
    [D] I have [Em9] been here [G] since the Earth began,
    [Bm] Neither black nor [G] white,
    Priest hear what I [A7] say, [G]
    I’m green and grey.)

    Intro x2

    The priest said, “Lucifer, Lucifer you lie so well,
    I will pray unto my God, go back to the fires of Hell!
    You fell from Heaven, and you fell from Grace.
    You want dominion over this place.”

    The Piper smiled, and to the priest he said,
    “I was Lord of Animals, the Wild Hunt I led,
    Until your God came here and with his jealous hand,
    It was he who wanted dominion over this land.


    Intro x2

    The priest said, “All evil comes from your hand.”
    The Piper said, “If evil is, it lies in the hearts of Man.”
    “But you lead us, oh you tempt us, to rape, to steal, to kill!”
    The Piper said, “Whatever happened to free will?”

    Then the Grove lay empty, the priest told no one.
    The blossom lay upon the thorn, the Piper’s tune was done.
    And in the sunlit forest, the animals they bowed,
    As the Piper lay his Goddess down.


    Over Intro x4
    I'm Green and Grey