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Taken from the book, Out of Ireland by Kerby Miller and Paul Wagner.
capo 4

    Kellys, The

    by Mick Moloney
    Three [G] weeks ago last Tuesday, well, I [D] left me home in [G] Cork
    To [D] find me Uncle [G] Martin Kelly [D] living in New York.
    I [G] landed in Hoboken and [D] began without [G] delay
    To [D] find me uncle's [G] residence [D] located in Broadway.
    I [Em] went to their directory me uncle for to find,
    But I [Em] found so many Kellys there that I [D] nearly [A] lost me [D] mind.
    Well, I [G] went and asked directions from a [D] friendly German [G] Jew,
    But [D] he says, "Please, [G] excuse me, but me [D] name is Kelly too."

    And there's [G] Kelly, the barman, [D] Kelly the [G] car man,
    [G] Kelly the sailor who came from [D] Donegal,
    [G] Kelly from Derry, [C] Kelly from [G] Kerry,
    But the [G] Kelly [D] I was [C] looking [G] for,
    I [C] could not [D] find at [G] all.

    [G] [G] [G] [D] , [G] [G] [G] [D] [G] x2

    I travelled up to Boston, that city of great fame.
    I heard the Kellys living there had made themselves a name.
    The Kellys run the statehouse. The Kellys run the banks.
    The police and fire department, sure, the Kellys fill the ranks.
    Dan Kelly runs the railroad. John Kelly runs the seas.
    Kate Kelly runs the suffragettes and she looks right good to me.
    Well, I went and asked directions from a naturalized Chinese,
    But he says, "Please, excuse me, but me name it is Kel Lee."

    And there's Kelly from Dublin, Kelly from Sligo,
    Little Mickey Kelly who came from the County Clare,
    Sure, Kelly built the pyramids with good old Galway granite,
    And when Kelly discovered the North Pole, sure, he found Pat Kelly there.