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Roud Folk Song Index #9435

Folklorists classify it as a lyrical lament and it was also used as a sea shanty, especially at the capstan. - wikipedia
A7 x02020

Leaving of Liverpool

by trad
Fare- [D] well to you my [G] own true [D] love
I am going far, far [A7] away
I am [D] bound for Cali-[G] forni-[D] ay,
and I know that [A7] I’ll return some [D] day

( Chorus
So [A7] fare thee well my [D] own true love
For when I return united we shall [A7] be
It’s not the [D] leavin’ of Liverpool that [G] grieves [D] me
But me darlin, [A7] when I think of [D] thee )

I have shipped on a Yankee sailing ship
Davy Crockett is her name
and her Captain’s name is Burgess
and they say that shes a floatin’ hell


Oh, the sun is on the harbor love
and I wish that I could remain
For I know it’ll be a long, long time
before I see you again.