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Written by Cyril Tawney in 1958. Tawney was a "Tiffy" (Artificer) in the Royal Navy for 12 years. A Royal Navy Artificer was an apprenticed metalworker who helped keep the engine room running in the age of steam power. He took the name of the tune from Shakespeare's King John, Act IV Scene 2 where another Artificer is immortalized. His ship was based in Portland. Jago's Manshions is a nickname for the Devonport Barracks.
We were introduced to this song by Scully who did it as a follow up to James Connolly. We usually don't sing the last verse but end it instead with a reprise of the first verse.

    Lean and Unwashed Tiffy, The

    by Cyril Tawney
    I'm a [Am] lean and unwashed tiffy
    I come up from Plymouth [C] Town
    I can [Am] fix it in a [F] jiffy
    If you'll [G] hand that spanner [Am] down
    If you'll hand that spanner down.

    Portland girls are raving beauties
    'Specially in the summer time
    They make you curse these week-end duties
    Making love to grease and grime
    Making love to grease and grime.

    I kissed her standing, kissed her lying,
    And I called her turtle-dove
    If she'd had wings I'd have kissed her flying
    That's the way I won my love
    That's the way I won my love.

    She left me for a wardroom chappie
    She said, "He's the better man"
    He needs wine to keep her happy;
    All I drink is Black-and-Tan
    All I drink is Black-and-Tan.

    [Seems scully did this verse as well but we never did]
    "I'll go back to Jago's Mansions, there to spend my time ashore.
    Join up with those barrack stanchions,
    go RA for evermore.
    Go RA for evermore."