Page 78

Liquor and Whores

by Bubbles
[D] [C] [G]

I like liquor and [G] whores, liquor and whores
Cigarettes, and [Am] dope, and mustard, and bologna
Liquor and [G] whores)

I was [G] down drinking at the [Am] legion
When I met a [C] girl, she was [D] nice
She was pretty and [G] pleasing
She said hey [G] boy, we should do some [Am] marrying
And I said [C] sure, but before we [D] do
There’s something [G] you should know


[G] [Em] [C] [D] (x2)

Then one night, down at the legion
She walked in, I was drunk on gin
Dancing with a lady friend
She said hey boy, you should fly the fuck home
And I said no, cause five little words
Could I swore I said to you

Chorus x2