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The earliest known print verions of this song date to the mid 1700s. Words here based on SteelEye Span from Hark the Village Wait. Other versions of note include: Natalie Merchant with the Chieftans from the Irish Heartbeat Album, and one by Patrick Galvin

Lowlands of Holland

by trad
The [D] love that I have cho [G] sen
and [D] now it be content [Bm]
and the [D] salt sea shall be fro [G] zen
be [D] fore that [A] I re [D] pent
[D] Repent it shall I ne- [G] ver [D] un- [G] til the [F#] day I [Em] dee
but the [G] lowlands of [D] Hol [C#] land [Bm]
has [Em] twain my [A] love and [D] me

My love lies in the salt sea
and I am on the side
its enough to break a young things heart
what lately was a bride
what lately was a bride
with pleasures in her ee
but the lowlands of Holland
has twain my love and me

My love he built a bonnie ship
and set her on the sea
with seven score good mariners
to bear her company
but theres three score of them is sunk
and three score dead at sea
and the lowlands of Holland
have twain my love and me