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Also known as A Londonderry Air, An Aire from the County Derry, and perhaps most famously, Danny Boy. Although these words by Thomas Moore are not the first to be put to this tune ( “Would I were Erin’s apple blossom o’er you” by Alfred Graves puportedly are ), I like these more than the modern “Danny Boy” which is typically heard today.

    My Gentle Harp

    by Thomas Moore
    [G7] My gentle [C] harp, once [C7] more I a- [F] waken
    [Dm] The sweetness [C] of thy slumber- [Am] ing [Dm] strain
    [G7] In tears our [C] last fare- [C7] well was [F] ta- [Dm] ken
    And now in [C] tears we [G7] meet [C] again.

    Yet even [C] then, while [F] peace was [C] singing
    Her halcyon [Am] song o’er [F] land and [Dm] sea
    [G7] Though joy and [C7] hope to [F] others [C] bringing,
    [Am] she only [C] brought new [Dm] te- [G7] ars to [C] thee.

    Then who can ask for notes of pleasure,
    my drooping harp, from chords like thine?
    Alas, the lark’s gay morning measure
    As ill would suit the swan’s decline.

    Or how shall I, who love, who less thee,
    invoke thy breath for freedom’s strains,
    When e’en the wreaths in which I dress thee
    Are sadly mixed, half flowers, half chains?