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    More You Pay, The

    by Don McLean
    The auctioneer [D] said... I'm not through yet
    [C] Here's a horse the [Am] likes of which you've [D] never seen
    And the [G] straw hats in the [C] sun with a [Am] face beneath each [Em] one
    Shown [Am] doubtful and the [Em] auctioneer got [Am] mean

    Do you [Am] think that you can [Em] find
    A horse [Am] like this every day?
    I don't [Am] think there's any [Em] better on this [Am] earth
    And the more you [Am] pay [Em] the more it's [Am] worth

    Then out she came... a snow white mare
    Prancin' and a dancin' in the silver sun
    They watched her from behind as she did her bump and grind
    Walkin' naked sad and graceful for their fun

    Oh how i wished i could afford
    That lady painted white
    A queen with high nobility of birth
    But the more you pay the more it's worth

    My pockets hung... with empty blues
    Silent heels were standin' on my growin' pains
    My bid was not too bad two bits was all i had
    And the stable boy just handed me the reins

    Well the gallery went wild
    And the auctioneer half smiled
    What we don't sell we shoot or give away
    'cause the more you pay the more it's worth

    And [Bm] where was the [Em] boy... who [Bm] rode on her [Em] back
    With his [Bm] arms holding [Em] tight round her [Am] neck
    How [Bm] tightly he [Em] clung when [Bm] they both were [Em] young
    And [C] fate had not let [Am]this poor [Em] girl be so [Am] disgraced