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by Johnny Burke (1851-1930), a popular Newfoundland folk song.
Although made popular again recently by Great Big Sky, Nate prefers to do a shorter version, removing several verses and sticking closer to the original lyrics in the chorus.

    Night That Paddy Murphy Died

    by Johnny Burke
    Oh, the [G] night that Paddy Murphy died, is a [D] night I’ll never for- [G] get
    [G] Some of the boys got roarin’ drunk, and [C] some ain’t got sober [D] yet;
    As [G] long as a bottle was passed around the [D] lads were feelin’ [G] gay
    O’ [G] Leary [D] came with his [C] bag- [G] pipes, the [C] music [D] for to [G] play

    ( Chorus
    And that’s how they paid their respects to Paddy Murphy
    That’s how they showed their honour and their pride
    They said it was a sin and a shame and they winked at one another
    and every drink in the wakehouse went, the night Pat Murphy died )

    Mrs. Murphy in the corner, was pourin’ out her grief
    When Kelly and the lads, the dirty roarin’ thieves
    They crept into the ante room and a bottle of whiskey stole
    They placed the bottle on the corpse to keep the liquor cold


    At eight o’clock in the morning, the procession left the house
    And everyone but poor ol’ Mrs. Murphy was half soused
    They stopped a bit along the way at the Blarney Stone Saloon
    They went inside at nine o’clock and didn’t leave ‘til noon


    Someone asked ol’ Finnegan if anyone had died
    “No,” says he, “I’m not quite sure, I just came for the ride.”
    They started for the graveyard, then all walkin’ in a line,
    But when they reached the grave they found, they’d left the corpse behind


    Repeat First Verse

    Chorus X2 - acapella ending