Page 133
A filk tune written by Morkar for a Fall Thyng assembly at the old site with the Geodesic dome.

    Norseland Warrior's Reply

    by Morkar
    [Em] Norsemen, Norsemen,
    we’re [Em] lucky we’re [D/F#] not [G] divorced [D/F#] men
    we [Em] fight, we [D/F#] drink, we’re an [G] army of [D/F#] slobs
    and [Em] yet you [D] love us [Em] still

    Norsemen, Norsemen,
    and when we return from the wars then
    your eyes flash delight as we brag of the fight
    and which king will foot the bill

    Norsemen, Norsemen,
    we’ll find a thrall to do all of the chores men
    But we’ll die for our women and our children
    we love you now and always will

    Norsemen, Norsemen,
    when our bodies burn and we join Odin’s force then
    we will boast at great length of your beauty, love & strength
    and to you our horn’s we’ll fill!