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O' Dark Thirty

by Sport Moran
( Chorus
O’-Dark Thirty, O’-Dark Thirty.
That’s when my troubles begin.
The hour of the devil is O’-Dark Thirty.
That’s when we’ll start up again. )

The hour has the power of the setting sun
when people get together and come undone
by day you are a lady or a noble gent
till you wake up in some strangers tent


I could have been a fighter, I might have been a king
I could have been a laurel or Pelican,
But O’-Dark Thirty comes round each and every night
and I just can not tell wrong from right.


O’-Dark Thirty brings out some things you thought you’d never see
Like chivalry joined with debauchery
Drink or smoke or any sin you find it at the camp within
at the hour where it all begins

Singing at the Chalkman (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Stumble out as best I can (at O’-Dark Thirty)

Looking for the Lusty Wench (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Fall into a muddy trench (at O’-Dark Thirty)

Make way for a Roman Legion (at O’-Dark Thirty)
I thought this was a Celtic region (at O’-Dark Thirty)

Go down to the sale at Vlads (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Buy a Pennsic virgin lad (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Casa Bardicci Hoity-toity (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Casa Bardicci Loady-Toadie (at O’-Dark Thirty)

Blue Feather Ball & Fashion Cotillion (at O’-Dark Thirty)
Memories that are worth a million (at O’Dark Thirty)

The pirates at the Ravenspittle (at O’-Dark Thirty)
drink some rum? well just a little (at O’-Dark Thirty)