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Some verses omitted.
This became our theme song at many events.

    Riff Raff

    by Casey Neill
    ( Chorus
    Hoo- [F] ray for our band of [Bb] happy ragged [F] folk
    [F] Tellin old stories and [C] fireside jokes
    We're [F] living for the music, the [Bb] love and the [F] laugh,
    [F] Hooray [C7] for the [F] riffraff! )

    Raconteurs and bowsies, rebels and tramps
    Travelers who ramble from camp to camp
    Oh, dodgers and swagmen, vandals and rounders
    Wandering hobo town-to-towners
    Come join the circle and some jolly fools
    Squatters and crusties who make their own rules
    Riverbed beggars, carousers and thieves; Our only motto is anarchy!


    Migrating drifters, buskers on the streets
    minstrels and gypsys with no shoes on our feet
    oh, rovers and roaders, nomad souls
    drinking feral vagabonds laying down the bedroll!
    Whinos and drunkards, a stout drinking crew
    Dancing on the tables, slamming down the brews
    We don’t care if in the morning our heads need to be nursed
    Pint after pint there’s no limit to our thirst


    Wizards and sages, druids and knaves
    Outcasts, freaks, warriors brave
    UU’s and pagans, children of the tribe
    Again we are awakening, alive, alive, alive!
    We come in all colors, stripes and spots
    Raging grannies and bonkers, a rebel in our lot
    We don’t care what we look like and we don’t wear underwear
    Go ahead and stare we are everywhere

    Chorus (Hooray for the Riff Raff x2)