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© Steven G. Harrett aka: Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov 1987. (Tune “May the Circle be Unbroken)
This is a filk tune, we generally subscribe to the philosophy that friends don't let friends filk. In this case I'm making an exception because it seems like it was written for us. © Steven G. Harrett aka: Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov 1987. (Tune “May the Circle be Unbroken). We've taken some liberties with the lyrics ourselves.

    Bardic Circle Revealed

    by Steven Harrett
    I was [G] sittin’ by a fire on one [C] cold and starry [G] night
    And I saw the Bardic Candle, it was [D] shinin’ oh so [G] bright

    [G] Oh, let the Circle be unbroken, pass the [C] candle please, I [G] pray
    I’ve some songs here, in my mem’ry, we can [D] sing ‘till the light of [G] day

    Oh you can sing or tell a story, tell a joke or just your name
    Or you can sit and simply listen; between friends there is no shame

    Up at Norseland, or out at Pennsic, near to home with Bhriain too,
    We have sung ‘round the Bardic Fire, that is to mention just a few.


    Oh, there have been some; wild parties, some of them; I don’t recall
    But I keep on; coming back here; to sing; and drink until I fall.

    I wander; up to the Chalkman, around the lake; they know my name
    But I keep returning; to the Bardic Circle, to me the others; aren’t the same.


    Oh, there are Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Cavaliers, and Russians too
    Celts and Scotsmen, then there’s those that you have to ask “ Please sir what are you?”

    So if you’re lonely, or you’re new here, Bardic Circle’s the place to be
    We will welcome all who join us, kick back and let yourself be free