Page 142
Roud Folk Song Index #531
capo 2 (or 4 for Nate)
after Steeleye Span
A 002200
C/B x20030
C x32030
A/D xx223x

    Saucy Sailor

    by trad
    [walk down D, C, C/B, A/D, A]

    Come me [A] own one, come me fair one,
    Come now unto me,
    Could you [Dm] fancy a poor [A] sailor lad,
    Who has just come [G] from [D] sea? [G]

    You are ragged love, you are dirty love,
    And your clothes smell much of tar,
    So begone you saucy sailor lad,
    So begone you Jack Tar.

    If I am ragged love, and I am dirty love,
    And my clothes smell much of tar,
    I have silver in my pocket love,
    And gold in great store.

    And when she heard him say that,
    On her bended knee she fell,
    I will marry my dear Henry
    For I love a sailor lad so well.

    Do you think that I am foolish love,
    Do you think that I am mad?
    For to wed with a poor country girl,
    When a fortune's to be had.

    I will cross the briny ocean,
    I will whistle and sing,
    And since you have refused the offer, love,
    Some other girl shall wear the ring.

    I am frolicsome, I am easy,
    Good tempered and free,
    And I don't give a single pin my boys,
    What the world thinks of me.

    intro and end with first two lines of first verse