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Such a great little song which quickly became a favorite of ours. This one is by Tom Tuohy who wrote My Little Honda 50 which was famously played by Christy Moore on the tele once with Tom in the audience - search that one up on the YouTubes!

    Tippin' Along

    by Tom Tuohy
    Oh [A] I'm a little spider, I'll be climbing up your wall
    Don't mind me if you see me, I won't bother ye at all
    I'll be [D] hiding in the corner, spinning webs to catch the flies
    Don't [A] mind me hairy legs or me [E] hundred thousand [A] eyes

    ( Chorus after each verse
    [D] What're ye trying to kill me for?
    I'm only having the craic
    Stick me in a jam jar, and leave me out the back
    and I'll be [A] gone
    Singing me [E] song
    and tippin' [A] along )

    Oh I'm a little fly lads I'll be flyin in your cider
    Mindin me own business and watchin out for spider
    I had a brother Nigel, but he's down there on the floor
    Well, he had a bad hang-over and he didn't make the door

    Oh I'm an old mosquito lads and I'm the worst of all
    I'll wait till you're asleep before I do anything at all
    and when the lights go out I'll be buzzzzin in your ear
    but you won't be able to see me - you won't even know I'm here.

    I'm a little bumblebee and I'm too fat to fly
    I'm defyin gravity, I'd sting ye but I'd die
    I love in the garden I could stay our there for hours
    Ah, there's nothing I love more than a big old bunch of flowers

    I'm a little Greenfly in the fields I do dwell
    I spend me days in cow poop and boys I love the smell...
    I follow cows around all day just waitin for me chance
    and when they drop a pile o' poop I do me merry dance