Page 180
in DADGAD tuning
D 000200
G 550400
Bm x2444x
Em 222100
A 777600

    When My Time Comes

    by Dawes
    There were [D] moments of dreams I was offered to [G] save
    I live [D] less like a workhorse, more like a [G] slave
    I thought that [Bm] one quick moment that was noble or brave
    Would be [G] worth the most of my life.

    So I pointed my fingers, and shout a few quotes I knew
    As if something that's written should be taken as true
    But every path I have taken and conclusion I drew
    Would put truth back under the knife.

    And [Em] now the only piece of advice that continues to [A] help
    Is any- [Bm] one that's making anything new only breaks something [G] else.

    ( Chorus
    [D] When... [G] my time [D] comes,
    [G] Oh- [Bm] ohhhh, oh oh [G] oh.
    When my times comes, Ohhhhh, oh oh oh. )

    So I took what I wanted and put it out of my reach
    I wanted to pay for my successes with all my defeats,
    And if heaven was all that was promised to me
    Why don't I pray for death?

    And now it seems like the unraveling has started too soon,
    Now I'm sleeping in hallways and I'm drinking perfume
    And I'm speaking to mirrors and I'm howling at moons
    While the worst and the worst that it gets.

    Oh you can judge all the world on the sparkle that you think it lacks.
    Yes you can stare into the abyss, but it's staring right back.


    Oh you can judge all the world... (repeat)