Page 181
transcribed by Christianna MacGraine

    Where's the Boy

    by Stonewall of Revelwood
    [G] Where's The Boy, Where's the Boy, [Em] where can he be?
    Hob- [Am] Nobbin with Hobbits if [D] you're asking me
    Yes he's [G] gone for a week and his [Em] pipes gone I see
    and I [C] don't think we'll [D] see him a- [G] gain.

    see, I met 'im in a bar just about a week ago
    He was sellin' dreams to the dreamless
    And so I thought I would go
    and I'd listen to his stories of dragons and glories
    And I'd walk in a drunken man's dream

    He says "I am The Portal to worlds faraway
    But I have a problem and not long to stay
    So we'll both drain our flagons and we'll go hunt some dragon
    And we'll get you a Wench for the knight... He says:

    [G] "All the while, there are [Em] Orcs crossin' over the [Am] Anduin
    [Em] Without our swords there to help them,
    There's no [Am] way that the Elves they will [D] win
    Then the [C] Magic will fail and who'll [D] stop Sauron's laughter?
    Who'll [Bm] light our paths in The Darkness Ever- [Em] after
    [C] I know a [D] path, in the darkness and [C] doom?
    [C] I know a [D] way through this darkness and [C] gloom?
    I know our [D] paths, in this [C] darkness [D] ever- [G] after.

    Now if this other world of yours is so great
    Then why did you leave it and come to this place?
    And was it for me that you traveled lost seas
    Or was your quest for some gullible fool?

    Then he looked at his watch he got up to go out
    He said "Ya ought ta come with me if you have Just One Doubt
    Cause wouldn't it be tragic, if the last believer in Magic
    Let me walk out of here all alone?

    [cast a spell] - break


    I ask ya 'bout payments, ya tell me 'bout elves
    House, car, and wife you say chains in ourselves
    So why should I journey when this hardly concerns me
    To this world of yours so far away?

    He says

    "Ya still rent your apartment
    Ya still owe on your car
    Ya came looking for a little l'ass at this cheap sleazy bar
    And if that's your full story then you'll find all this boring
    And you'd be the wrong one anyway.


    Oh, what could I say, Oh what could I do?
    I heard a strange calling and knew it was true
    I'd make my last stand in this strange far off land
    So I went out the door after all.

    Where's The Boy, Where's the Boy, where can he be?
    He's falling down sober if you're asking me
    Yes been gone for a week and his pipe is gone I see
    Don't think that we'll see him again.