Page 113
by Christopher White (aka Isto) who plays this in open D tuning (DADF#AD). These chords are for standard tuning
[G/B] x2003x
[A6] x02222
[A7] x02020

    When I Die and My Body is Reanimated

    by Christopher White
    Intro melody x2

    [D] When I die and my [G/B] body is reanimated
    [D] You are the one I'll [G/B] come to [D] see
    [D] When I die and my [G/B] body is reanimated
    [D] I hope that you'll be there [G/B] for [D] me

    Please [D] do not [G/B] lock the
    And [G] please don't turn [D] away
    Please [D] do not [G/B] be afraid
    [G/B] Hold me as I [A] sway [A6] [A7]

    [D] When I die and my [G/B] body is reanimatred
    [D] I will [G/B] come to [D] you

    Intro melody x2

    When you die and your body is reanimated
    You will come with me
    We'll march on when our bodies are reanimated
    Just you wait and see

    We'll walk down every street
    and open every door
    We'll face every day
    and sway forevermore

    When we die and our bodies are reanimated
    I will go with you

    Melody x2