Page 115
capo 2
Aadd9 077600
G#7 x6657x
G#m7 464444
C#m7 x46600
Bm7 224232
Am7 002010
F#m7 242222
Gm7 353333

    When the Levee Blows

    by The Other Favorites
    Intro: [Aadd9] [G#m7] [C#m7] [Bm7] [A] [Am7] [E] x2

    [F#m7] So he drives a cadillac [G#m7] baby [Gm7]
    His [F#m7] belt buckles diamond [G#m7] plated [Gm7]
    He [F#m7] treats you like a [G#m7] lady, yes he [Gm7] does and
    [F#m7] Tells you you were [B] underrated
    It [D] seems like nothing could go [Aadd9] wrong

    When the levee [G#7] blo- [C#m7] ows,
    and the [Bm7] tears flow on [A] down your face
    Will it [Am7] feel the same, I don't [E] know [Aadd9]
    When the curtains [G#7] clo- [C#m7] ose,
    and you’re [Bm7] standin [A] all alone
    Will your [Am7] pretty eyes still [E] show,
    That you've [Am7] played this game [E] before

    So he went to Harvard
    Builds schools down to Guatemala
    Spends every Tuesday night with his mama,
    Look I get it, the man's a six-five, blue eyed, American Dalai Lama
    I just want you to be careful 'cause,


    Bridge (E bass walk)

    [E] There's always rocks in the stream,
    there's always a stem in your grass,
    there's always a snag at the seam,
    well theres always a ghost in your past,
    you might think that you can hide,
    you might think that you can cope,
    you might bottle it up inside but
    [Aadd9] oh, sugar don't because


    Outro (bridge bass walk)
    When the levee blows
    Tell me, where will you be when that levee blows?