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Colin's Shabeen

by Aonghus
[G] Look around camp and there’s [C] much to be [G] done
But [G] nary a clansmen at [D] work ‘neath the sun

I looked [G] high and looked low and [C] found not a [G] soul
Then I [G] ran in to Momus and [D] thought he would [G] know

Oh [Em] where’s the clan [G] Momus, and [Am] where have you [Bm] been?
He [Em] smiled and [C] answered “In [D] Colin’s Sha- [G] been”

[G] Colin’s Shabeen, Oh [C] Colin’s Sha- [G] been
Been killing some time in [D] Colin’s Sha- [G] been)

Oh where is our kitchen and where is our wall?
And where is our Chieftain? Did he battle and fall?

Och! Worry you not over such a grave thing
He’s sound, safe, and sitting in Colin’s Shabeen

Colin’s Shabeen, Oh Colin’s Shabeen
The Chieftan is chiefly in Colin’s Shabeen)

We’ve trenches to trench and ditches to dig
We’ve tent flaps to close up and rigging to rig

Tell us oh Druid of storms what you know
We’ve Thunderclouds coming, the winds they do blow

Well rain is but water and just makes you wet
And Colin’s Shabeen is as dry as it gets

Colin’s Shabeen, Oh Colin’s Shabeen
A fine umb-ah-rella is Colin’s Shabeen)

Well I know when I’m sleeping and when I’m awake
I know when to give and when I should take

I know of a mead hall where mead horns do flow
I know of an alehouse where to lift an elbow

But Colin’s Shabeen to my utter disgrace
Tell me Oh Momus where is such a place?

Colin’s Shabeen, Oh Colin’s Shabeen
Between hand and hard labor is Colin’s Shabeen)

So come all ye close and listen me well
For Colin’s Shabeen is a place we all dwell

We bide our time and humors partake
We drink and we laugh we sleep and we bake

No work is done here we do as we may
And leave all our trouble for some other day