Page 27
waltz tempo
G x10 12 12 12x
F#m x9 12 12 12x
Em x7998x
D x5777x
C x3555x

Cooling, The

by Elle Cordova (Reina del Cid)
[G F#m Em D C C D D (x2)]

The [G] first thing to [Bm] go
it might [Em] surprise you to [D] know
it's not the [C] blood from the muscle
or the [D] strength from the bone

Between you and me
it's the simplest thing
it's the warmth of the body
when the soul is at home

(2nd part)
It's the [Em] heat [B] (mm)
and you [C] struggle to keep [D] it inside
but it [Em] seems [B] (mm)
it's [C] stealing away in the [D] night

When you first realized
that your body had died
you went to the tunnel
to wait there alone

And you stood there for days
but the light never came
so you took your poor body
and you walked it back home

Now you're popping some pills
oh to fight back the chill
and you're picking some flowers
to help with the stench

But no manner of blush
will be quite enough
to cover the pallor
that spreads 'cross your skin

(2nd part)
and they [Em] said [B] (mm)
that [C] hell would be fire and [D] smoke
but in the [Em] end [B] (mm)
it's this [C] cooling that scares you the [D] most

Instrumental over verse x2
[G Bm Em D C C D D (x2)]

There's a pretty young thing
with a pretty gold ring
and she talks to you every night
'cause she don't know you're dead

And you can't figure how
when you're walking through town
no one's noticed the knife
sticking out of your head

Now you're living in fear
that sometime this year
they will finally notice
that your heart doesn't beat

And they'll dig you a grave
and they'll put you away
but you still won't be ready
you'll grow back like a weed

(2nd part)
Like a weed (mm)
and you wonder what you're waiting for
'cause it seems (mm)
there's no honor in death anymore

Instrumental over verse
[G Bm Em D C C D D (x2)]