Dig It

by Momus
About a Samhain ago [pronounce it as "Sow-en"]
Early in the day
Rolled into my kilt
And started on my way.
I met the feast to be
I stared him in the eyes
And then it came to me, just like a friend in disguise.

You got to dig it
Put it
Dig it.
Put it in the back yard.
You dig it
Put it.
Dig it.
Leave it in the back yard.

Well, you never know
And only time will tell.
Only dug three feet
And never gave no smell.
Then I exhumed it right
In the middle of the night
And all the worms and the maggots
Sung my name with delight!


Now, the wicker man is
Gonna burn again
I’m gonna dig me a hole
So I can make a new friend.
Then I’ll invite him out
At the end of the year
And from his empty skull
I’ll drink some holiday cheer!