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To the tune of The Wild Rover, except that the chorus is cut short.
Ned took fiddle lessons with Ed Keeney for a while when he lived up in Port Jefferson. Mr Keeney said that he used to sing some variation of this version of the Wild Rover when he was performing his travelling vaudeville type shows over in Ireland in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

    Ed Keeney's Wild Rover

    by Ed Keeney
    They tell me in Ireland there’s nobody poor
    Every mans rich as the devil I’m sure
    In every man’s pocket there a great big bankroll
    and there’s no man alive now would go on the dole

    ( Chorus
    No, Nay, Never
    No, Nay, Never no more
    Nobody wants nothin’ in Ireland no more )

    I spent a few weeks in a first class hotel
    Well, I ate like a horse and I drank like all hell
    “He’s leaving,” they give me a few hundred pounds
    and they told me ‘twas great just to have me around


    I drank in a bar up in old Donegal
    When I asked what I owed they said “Nothin’ at all”
    We don’t want your money, we’ve plenty of dough
    Just drink all you want, when you’re finished just go

    Well, I rented a car it’s a beauty to see
    It was fifty feet long with a built in TV
    A well stocked up bar and a big water bed
    and a stereo set that would waken the dead


    Well I met a young lady she was filled with delight
    and she said “and I’m going to take you out tonight;
    It won’t cost you a nickel, just you wait and see
    If you’re half the man now they say you used to be!”

    Well I went up to Belfast and I stood on the square
    and I told them to tell old Paisley I was there
    He hurried right out he was happy and gay
    I gave a great big donation to the old IRA