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In the spirit of Beltaine and one of Brogan's favorites.
G 3x0003
C/G 3x2013
G/B x20033
D#dim7 xx1212
C9 x3x333
G7 3x3033
Em/B x22000
Cadd9 x32030
Cm x35543

First of May

by Jonathan Coulton
Intro: [G] [C/G] [G] [C/G]

I [G] woke up this morning [C/G]
I had a [G] scone and a large house blend [C/G]
And [C] then a little [G] conver-[Am] sation
with my [C] squirrel and chipmunk [D] friends

I said, [G] I'm sick and tired of winter [C/G]
And I [G] wish that it was spring [C/G]
And [C] then a little [G] fellow named [Am] Robin Redbreast
[C] Began to [D] sing

[D#dim7] And he sang
[Em] Ooh child, what'd you think the cold [Am] winter's gonna last forever
[Em] Ooh child, now's the time for all the [Am] people to get to- [D] gether
[C9] Outside

( Chorus
Cause it's the first of [G] May, first of May
Outdoor [C/G] camping starts [G] today
So [D] bring your favorite lady
Or at [C] least your favorite [G] lay [C/G] [G]
The [C] water's not cold baby [G] dip in your big toe
[D] Maybe I'll see you in [G] flagrante delicto
[C] Grass below you, [G] sky above
[Am] Celebrate [Em] spring with a [C] crazy little thing called [Cadd9]
camping out- [G] side [C/G] [G] )

I thanked him for the information
I cried a little when he flew away
I watched an episode of The People's Court
And I tried to plan my day

I called up my old lady
She wasn't home so I called my girl
I asked her if she'd like to join me as I
Entertain the world
And I said

Ooh child, I'll bring a blanket
and I promise I'll brush the ants off
Ooh child, you're gonna like it
when we're taking each other's pants off


So we went to the park together
We were walking in the midday sun
We met all kinds of people and
We camped everyone

We camped a lady who sells ice cream
We camped a man with a tan Shar Pei
Everyone who needed camping well they
They got camped today
So come on

Ooh child, open your mind and your heart,
feel-the-spirit moving through you
Ooh child, you'll feel the warmth of the love
when I stick it to you