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Roud Folk Song Index #200
capo 2nd fret

Good Ale

by trad
It is [G] of good [D] ale to [C] you I’ll [Em] sing
and [G] to good ale I’ll [C] always [G] cling
I [Em] like my [D] mug filled [G] to the [C] brim
and [G] I’ll drink all you’d [C] like to [G] bring

( Chorus
[D] O, Good [G] ale, thou [Em] art my [C] darling
[D] Thou [C] art my [Am] joy, both [D] night and [D7] morn- [G] in’)

It is you that
helps me with my work
and from a task I’ll never shirk
While I can get a good home brew
and better than one pint I like two


I love you in the early morn
I love in daylight, dark or dawn
and when I’m weary, worn or spent
I’ll turn the tap and ease the vent


It is you that makes my friends my foes
it’s you that makes me wear old clothes
But since you’ve come so near my nose
it’s up you comes, and down you goes!


You have caused me debts I’ve often swore
I never would drink strong ale no more
but for all that I’ll you forgive
and I’ll drink strong ale as long as I live

Chorus X2

[verse added my Momus]
‘Cause I only drink ale with my good friends
but they’re never quite with me till the end
I’ll pre-apologize for my blackout
from drinking good mead and too much stout.