Page 55
as performed by Glenn Yarbrough on 1977 animated The Hobbit
E 022100
E4 022200
C#m x46654
F#m 244222
B x24442
B7 x21202
G 320003
D xx0232
A x02220
Bm x24432
B4 x2245x

Greatest Adventure, The

by Jules Bass
[E] [E4] x2

The [E] greatest [C#m] adventure is [F#m] what lies ahead
[B] Today and [B7] tomorrow are [E] yet [E4] to be [E] said
The [E] chances the [C#m] changes are [F#m] all yours to make
The [B] mold of your life is in [B7] your hands to [E] break.

The greatest adventure is there if you're bold
Let go of the moment that life makes you hold
To measure the meaning can make you delay
It's time you stop thinking and wasting the day.

2nd part
A [G] man who's a [D] dreamer
and [G] never takes [D] leave
Who [G] thinks of a [D] world that is
[A] just make [Bm] believe
Will [G] never know [D] passion
Will [G] never know [D] pain
Who [G] sits by the [D] window
Will [A] one day see [B] rain.

Repeat first verse

The [E] greatest [C#m] adventure is
[F#m] what [B4] lies [B] a- [E] head [E4] [E]