Page 7
C6sus2: x3021x or x3321x
G6/B: x20030
D6: xx0432
Am7: 302013


by Todd Slater
Part the first

Intro: [C] [C6sus2] x4

[C] Long ago
in the mind of [Dm] Eru
he formed the valar [F]
the holy [C] ones

He gave them voices
so they could sing
and spin the web of life
on this place called earth

they sang until the earth had formed
and watched from atop
their heaven called arda

now the children of Eru
are Elves and Men
The first born and the followers

amid the splendors of the world
its vast and open spaces
and wheeling fires

Eru chose a place for them to live
in the deeps of time
amid innumerable stars

Part the 2nd

Intro: [D] [D6] x4

[D] Some Valar still live with [G6/B] Eru
beyond the confines of the [D] world
but some others, the greatest and the [G6/B] fair
left Eru to live on [D] earth [A] [D]

the valar were drawn to the world
by the love of their children
with the good there came some bad
an evil Anor named Melkor

everything the valar would build
Melkor would try to destroy
the valars intent was wholly fulfilled
the world was fashioned and made firm

thus the habitation of the children
of Eru was established
in the deeps of time among
the innumerable stars

Ends on [G6/B]