Page 59
to the tune of Sally Gardens

Grove of Katrina, The

by Nate Berry
I took a [C] walk to the [G] grove of Ka- [F] tri- [C] na
and the [F] sun shone [G] through the [C] leaves
As the [C] rays fell [G] upon me I [F] tra- [C] veled
To a [F] clearing [G] under the [C] trees.

Chorus I
There were [Am] white tents arranged in a [Em] circle
And [F] banners hung [G] all [C] around
And a [C] fire was [G] burning near two [F] oak [C] trees
That [F] braced the stacked [G] wood on the [C] ground

In low chairs and standing 'round the fire
were many people of the Clann that you might meet
there were women who were working wool and sewing
while an iron pot with stew was on the heat

Behind them stood a man who worked the woodpile
near a tent was a man who played a jig
and another was setting up the fire dogs
where the next night he would stand to roast the pig

There were two men in deep thought 'oer a fidchel board
that was balanced on a tri-stool in the light
of an oil lamp on an iron post whose placement
was designed to help keep night walkers aright

Several children played games outside the fire ring
some were running, some in serious debate
And a bearded man was bundled in a woolen cloak
almost laying in his chair with legs out straight

And as I turned I saw Katrina for a moment
she was smiling with a horn of mead upraised
and that instantly dispelled my ghostly vision
To the present twas I transported somewhat dazed

Repeat Chorus I