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Roud Folk Song Index #165

Also known as Swansea Town, Lovely Nancy
Most folks will recognize this as a Clancy Brothers tune, but we always think of the Bard Michael Kelly singing it at Pennsic these many years.

Holy Ground, The

by trad
Fare thee well [C] my [G] lovely [C] darling
a thousand [G] times a- [C] dieu
We are going a- [Am] way from the [F] Holy [G] Ground
and the [C] girls we all love [G7] true.
We will [C] sail the [G] salt seas [C] over
and we'll re- [Am] turn for [F] shore [G],
to [F] see again the [Am] girls we love
and the [C] Holy [G7] Ground once [C] more.

Fine Girl You Are!
You're the [C] girl I [Am] do a- [F] dore [G].
And [F] still I live in [Am] hope to see
the [C] Holy [G7] Ground once [C] more.)

And now the storm is raging and we are far from the shore
and the poor old ship is tossing about and the rigging is all torn
and the secrets of my mind, my love, you're the girl I do adore
and still I live in hope to see the Holy Ground once more


And now the storm is over and we are safe and well
we will go into a public house and we'll eat and drink our fill
and we'll drink strong ale and porter and make the rafters roar
and when our money is all spent we'll go to sea once more