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Mostly a translation by Kuno Meyer (1859-1919), from the 12th Century Irish, put to music ( tune based loosely on the Garden of the Daisies )

Hosts of Faery

by Nate Berry
[D] White shields they [G] carry in their [D/wF#] hands,
With [Em] emblems of pale [D] silver;
With glittering blue [A7] swords,
and mighty stout horns.

In well-devised array,
Ahead of their fair chieftain
They march amid blue spears

( Chorus
[Bm] They scatter the battalions [G] of the foe,
They ravage [D] lands they attack,
Splendidly they [A7] march to com- bat,
[Bm] Good they are at [G] man-slay,
Melodious in the [D] ale-house,
Masterly at making [A7] songs )

[D] No wonder [G] though their strength be [D/wF#] great:
[Em] Sons of queens and [D] kings are one and all;
On their [A7] heads are
golden-yellow manes.

With smooth and comely bodies,
With bright blue-star-red eyes,
With pure and crystal teeth,
With thin red lips.

Chorus X2
Skilled at fidchel last line before repeat