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This is mostly after the version by Al O'Donnell, 1978 where it is spelled differently (The Hills of Granemore or "The Granemore Hare") but I was first introduced to the song by the Steeleye Span version of 1970

    Hills of Greenmore, The

    by trad
    Last [F] Saturday [C] morn the horns they did [G] blow
    To the [C] green fields of [F] Keady for [G] hours we did [C] go
    We [F] gathered our [C] dogs and we [F] circled a- [F] round
    [G] For no one [F] loves the sport [C] better than the [C] boys from May- [G] down.

    And when we arrived they were all standing there
    So we took to the green fields, in search of the hare
    We didn't get far till someone gave the cheer
    Over high hills and valleys the sweet puss did steer

    As we flew o'er the hills, 'twas a beautiful sight
    There were dogs black and yellow, there were dogs black and white
    As she took the black bank for to try them once more
    Oh it was her last look o'er the hills of Greenmore.

    Mando solo over verse

    In a field of wheat stubble this pussy did lie
    And Rory and Charmer they did pass her by
    And there where we stood at the top of the brae
    Oh, we heard the last words that this sweet puss did say:

    “No more o'er the green fields of Keady I'll roam
    Nor trip through the fields, boys, in sport and in fun
    Or hear the long horn that your toner does play
    I'll go home to my den by the clear light of day.”

    Mando solo over verse

    You may blame ol' MacMahon for killing the hare
    For he's at his ol' capers this many's a year
    On Saturday and Sunday he never gives o'er
    With a pack of strange dogs round the hills of Greenmore.

    Repeat first verse