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When I say drink you drink!

Into the Drink

by Momus
[Em] Farwell my [G] love that I [D] left on the [Em] docks.
Fare- [Em] well to [G] dreams un-ob- [Bm] tained.
Fare-[Em] well my [G] life that is [D] taken from [Em] me,
[Em] into the [D] drink I’ll [Em] remain.

( Chorus
In- [G] to the [D] drink
in-[Bm]to the [Em]drink
in-[D] to the [Bm] drink, I’ll re-[Em] main.
In- [G]to the [D] drink,
in- [Bm] to the [Em] drink,
in- [D]to the [Bm] drink I’ll re- [Em]main. )

She sits in the peak and she waits for a word,
such grief no man can explain!
My lungs fill up like the tears in her eyes
into the drink I’ll remain.


I see her now, as she hears of my fate,
such love no man can reclaim
My widow cries, as she jumps from the rocks,
“Into the drink we’ll remain.”

Into the drink
into the drink
into the drink, we’ll remain.
Into the drink,
into the drink,
into the drink we’ll remain.