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tune Nate Berry 1991, lyrics & arr. 2017, Driving - tempo: 123 bpm

Amergin's Song for Donn

by Nate Berry
Part I: [Em] [G] [Am] [C] x2 [D] x2

[Em] Rain falls as I [D] whisper these words
[C] pounding the ground with a [B7] rhythm
[Em] Drops like the blood of our [D] kin that we lost at [C] sea
Beat like a [B7] drum on my memory

Part I

[Em] Where was I when [D] I was with you
[C] that night that I’ve [B7] tried to forget
[Em] We floated nine [D] waves off of Inber [C] Scene
(Your curse had worked) and I [B7] thought we were winning

( Chorus:
[G] I was the [Bm] Wind on the Sea,
[G] I was the [A] Ocean- [Bm] wave,
[G] I was the [Bm] Roar of the Sea
With [A] you

[G] I was the [Bm] flood on the Plain,
[G] I was the [A] flash of the [Bm] sun
[G] I was the [Bm] point on the spear
With [A] you )

Part II: [Em] [Em] [D] [Em] [D] x2 (Drowsy Maggie first part only)
Part I

[Em] I am lost in a [D] haze of regret
For the [C] curse that was brought down [B7] upon you
[Em] I can't erase the [D] things that we wrote in [C] blood
(But I can raise your) [B7] house on the island


Part I.

[Em] To Tech Duinn we shall [D] come after death
“To [C] you, to your house” was your [B7] dying wish
[Em] Where the three birds of [D] death guard the entrance
[C] and there they [B7] croak out their warning

Chorus x 1.5 (repeat first stanza of chorus, replace “I was” with “I am” and “with you” with “for you”)