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I’ve heard the Boys of the Lough version above. It seems like a much shortened version of that given in English and Scottish ballads Ed. by Francis James Child. Author: Child, Francis James, ed. 1825-1896.
capo 2nd fret

    Andrew Lammie

    by Francis James Child
    At [F] Mill O Tiftie thair [C] lived a man
    In the [Dm] neighbourhod o [G] Fyvie
    An he [F] had a [C] lovely [Dm] dochter [Am] fair
    An her [Dm] name wis [Am] Bonnie [Dm] Annie

    Lord Fyvie he had a trumpeter
    An his name wis Andrew Lammie
    He had the airt tae win the hert
    O Mill o Tiftie’s Annie

    Her mither caad her tae the door,
    “Come here tae me, my Annie
    Did ere ye see a fairer man
    Than the trumpeter o Fyvie?”

    At nicht whan aa were tae thair beds
    Thae slept fou sound but Annie,
    For luve oppressed her tender breast
    Thinkin o Andrew Lammie

    “For it’s luve comes in at my bedside
    An luve lies doun aside me
    Luve has oppressed my tender breast
    An luve will waste my body”

    “It’s up an doun in Tiftie’s den
    Faur the burn rins clear an bonnie
    A’ve aften gaen tae meet my luve
    Ma ain dear Andrew Lammie”

    He’s hied him tae the hill sae high
    The hilltop high o Fyvie
    He blew his trumpet loud an shrill
    Twas heard at Mill o Tiftie

    Her faither he struck her wondrous sair
    An likewise did her mither
    Her sisters thae did scorn as weill
    But wae be tae her brither

    For her brither he struck her wondrous sair
    Wi cruel straiks an mony
    He brak her back agin the door
    For her ain Andrew Lammie

    “O mither dear, gae mak ma bed
    An lay ma face tae Fyvie
    Thair A’ll lie an thair A’ll die
    For sake o Andrew Lammie”

    T:Andrew Lammie
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