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I usually capo this on the 2nd fret, so it’s really in A

    Love Is Teasing

    by trad
    ( Chorus
    Oh [G] love is teasing and love is [D] pleasing
    love is a pleasure when first its [G] new
    but as love grows older, sure love grows [D] colder
    until it fades away like the morning [G] dew )

    I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
    I wish I was a maid again
    but a maid again I ne’er can be
    till apples grow on an ivy tree


    but the sweetest apple is the soonest rotten
    and the hottest love is the soonest cold
    but what can’t be cured, love, has to be endured, love
    so now I am bound for Amerikay