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Roud Folk Song Index #52

Also known as The Old ballad of Little Musgrave and the Lady Barnard with earliest known examples from the early 1600s. There are many recordings, these words are mostly the Fairport Convention version of 1969
Obviously you can do it in any key easily because the whole song is only 2 chords. We used to play it Em/D, but if Nate was doing it alone he'd usually play Cm/Bb.

    Matty Groves

    by trad
    [Em] A holiday, a holiday
    and the [Em] first one [D] of the [Em] year
    Lord Arnolds wife came [D] into the church
    the [Em] gospel [D] for to [Em] hear

    and when the meeting it was done
    she cast her eyes about
    and there she spied little Matty Groves
    walking in the crowd

    “Come home with me little Matty Groves,
    come home with me tonight
    Come home with me little Matty Groves
    and sleep with me till light”

    “I cant come home, I won’t come home
    and sleep with you tonight
    By the rings on your fingers I can tell
    you are Lord Arnolds wife”

    “If I am Lord Arnold’s wife
    Lord Arnold’s not at home
    for he is out in the far cornfields
    bringing the yearlings home”

    And then a servant who was standing by
    and hearing what was said
    he swore Lord Arnold, he would know
    before the sun was set

    And in his hurry to carry the news
    he rent his breast and ran
    and when he came to the broad mill stream
    he kicked off his shoes and swam

    Matty, he lay down to bed
    and took a little sleep
    and when he awoke, Lord Arnold
    was standing at his feet

    “How do you like my feather bed,
    and how do you like my sheets?
    And how do you like my lady gay
    who lies in your arms asleep?”

    “Well I like your feather bed,
    and well I like your sheets.
    But better I like your lady gay
    who lies in my arms asleep.”