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The melody is an old Irish air called ‘The Moreen’. The song was very popular in America in the early days of the nineteenth century.
Adim7 x01212

    Minstrel Boy

    by trad
    The [C] minstrel [F] boy to the [C] war [G] has [Am] gone
    in the [F] ranks of [C] death you will [Dm] [G] find [C] him
    His [C] father’s [F] sword he has [C] gir-[G] ded [Am] on
    and his [F] wild harp [C] slung be-[Dm] [G] hind [C] him

    [Am] “Land [E7] of [Am] Song,” said the [G] war-[Adim7] rior [Em] bard
    [E7] “Though [Am] all [E7] the [Am] world [E7] be-[Am] [E7] trays [Am] thee,
    [Fm] one [C] sword at [F] least thy [C] rights [G] shall [Am] gaurd
    one [F] faithful [C] harp shall [Dm] [G] praise [C] thee

    The minstrel fell but the foemans chain
    could not bring that proud soul under
    The harp he loved never spoke again
    for he tore its chords asunder

    and said no chain shall sully thee
    thou soul of love and bravery!
    “Thy songs were made for the pure and free,
    they shall never sound in slavery!”