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The title translates to "My Gallant Lad" and the original is in Irish. These words are taken from the version as recorded by the Chieftains with Sting where only the chorus is sung in Irish. There is some uncertainty about the wording in the verses so several sources were referenced.
Am7 x02010

    Mo Ghile Mear

    by trad
    Chorus: Irish
    'Sé mo laoch, mo ghile mear,
    'sé mo chaesar, gile mear,
    suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas fhéin
    ó chuaigh i gcéin mo ghile mear.

    Chorus: English translation
    My gallant lad is my hero,
    He's my hero, gallant lad,
    I found neither sleep nor happiness
    since my gallant lad went far away.

    ( Chorus: Phonetically
    [G] Shay mu [D] laych maw [Em] ghilleh [G] marr
    [C] Shay mo [G] haze ah [Em] ghille [D] marr
    [G] Soon naw [D] shane ne [G] vore as- [Em] pheyne
    O [G] cchuey a- [Em] gain maw [D] ghilleh [G] marr )

    [Bm] Grief and pain are [Am] all I [G] know
    [Em] My heart is [Bm] sore my [Am7] tears [D] a'flow
    We [G] saw him [Bm] go an [Am7] buachaill [G] beo [the lively lad]
    No [Am7] word we [G] know of [Em] him [D] och’in


    A proud young son of several year
    A high born scion of gentle mean
    A fiery blade engaged to me
    He'd break the bravest in the field


    I’ll sing his praise as sweet harps play
    And proudly toast his noble fame
    Whose spirit and with mind aflame
    So wish him strength and length of days