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The seminal version is of course the Dubliners on the Ed Sullivan show. We usually start off with Sonny's Mazurka

    Muirsheen Durkin

    by trad
    In the [D] days I went es- [A7] courtin',
    I was [A7] never tired of [D] sportin'
    to an [D] ale house or a [A7] playhouse,
    And [A7] many's a house be- [D] sides
    But I told me brother Seamus,
    I'd go off and be right famous,
    And I never would return again,
    'til I roamed the whole worldwide.

    Goodbye, Mrs. Durkin, I'm sick and tired of workin'
    No more I'll dig for praties, And no longer I'll be fooled
    As sure as me name is Carney, I'll be off to Californey
    Where instead of digging praties, I'll be digging lumps of gold)

    I've courted girls in Blarney,
    in Kanturk and in Killarney
    In passage and in Queenstown,
    that is the Cove of Cork
    Goodbye to all me pleasure
    I'm away to get me leisure
    And the next thing that you'll hear from me,
    will be a letter from New York.


    Goodbye to all the girls at home,
    I'm leaving far across the foam
    To try and make me fortune in far Amerikay
    There's gold and jewels a-plenty,
    For the poor and for the gentry
    And I never will return again,
    I never more will say.