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The tune sounds traditional but it is as far as I can tell an original composition by Tommy Makem.
(start low)
c Bb a c f g a

Rambles of Spring, The

by Tommy Makem
There's a [F] piercing wintry breeze
Blowing [Bb] through the budding [F] trees
And I button up my coat to keep me [C] warm
But the [F] days are on the mend
And I'm [Bb] on the road a- [F] gain
With my [F] fiddle snuggled [C] close beneath my [F] arm

( Chorus
I've a [F] fine, felt hat and a [Bb] strong pair of [C] brogues
I have [F] rosin in my pocket for my [C] bow
O my [F] fiddle strings are new and I've [Bb] learned a tune or [C] two
So, I'm [F] well prepared to [C] ramble and must [F] go )

I'm as happy as a king when I catch a breath of spring
And the grass is turning green as winter ends
And the geese are on the wing
And the thrushes start to sing
And I'm headed down the road to see my friends


I have friends in every town as I ramble up and down
Making music at the markets and the fairs
Through the donkeys and the creels
And the farmers making deals
And the yellow headed tinkers selling wares


Here's a health to one and all to the big and to the small
To the rich and poor alike and foe and friends
And when I return again
May our foes have turned to friends
And may peace and joy be with you until then