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this English version of the Swedish folk tune by Brian Kay
This song is best performed on a Lyre

Sir Mannerling

by trad
[Am] Early one morning
before the sun did rise
and the [C] birds sang [D] sweetly their [Am] song
The pagan maid proposed
to the fair young knight
he thought she had decietful tone

Sir Mannerlig, Sir Mannerlig
will you marry me
for all that I'll gladly give thee
You may only answer
with a yes or no

To you I will give
the twelve great steeds
that graze in a shady grove
to you I will give
the twelve fine mares
that stand between Tirno and Tehro



To you I will give
the gilded sword
that jingles from rings of gold
and strike with it
in battle as you will
and the battlefield you will conquer


(slower verse)

Gifts such as these
I would gladly receive
were they from
a Christian woman

the pagan maid turned
and ran out the door
she wailed and shrieked
so loud-ly-y

"Had I got-ten
that handsome young knight
from my torment
I would be free"