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Words by C. Mordaunt Spencer, Music by Charles W. Glover, from ‘Irish Music Hall’ Hal Leonard Publishing Co. MCA Music pg. 124.

Wikipedia links to a story which suggests that the song was written by William Pembroke Mulchinock, out of love for Mary O'Connor, a poor maid in service to his family.

    Rose of Tralee, The

    by C. Mordaunt Spencer
    The [C] pale moon was rising a-[F] bove the green [C] mountain
    The [G7] sun was de-[C] clining be-[D7] neath the blue [G7] sea,
    When I [C] stray’d with my love to the [F] pure crystal [C] fountain
    That [G7] stands in the [C] beauti-[F] ful [C] vale [F] of Tra- [C] lee

    ( Chorus
    She was [Am] lovely [E7] and [Am] fair
    as the [B7] rose of the [E7] summer
    Yet [Am] ‘twas not [Dm] her [Am] beauty [E7] a-[Am] lone that [E7] won
    [Am] me.
    [G7] Oh, [C] no! ‘twas the truth in her [F] eye ever [C] dawning
    That [G7] made me love [C] Mary, the [G7] Rose of Tra-[C] lee. )

    The cool shades of evening their mantle were spreading
    And Mary all smiling was listening to me
    The moon through the valley her pale rays was shedding
    When I won the heard of the Rose of Tralee