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Written by Si Kahn, 1974 (American tune) as Aragon Mill after the version by the Fureys and Dave Arthur
Capo 2nd fret and you'll be in the key of D

    Belfast Mill

    by Si Khan
    At [C] the east end of town, at the [Am] foot of the hill,
    There's a [G] chimney so tall, it [F] says Belfast [C] mill,
    But there's no smoke at all coming [Am] out of the stack,
    For the [G] mill has shut down, and its [F] never coming [C] back.

    And the only tune I hear is the sound of the wind,
    As she blows through the town weave and spin, weave and spin.)

    There's no children playing in the dark narrow streets,
    For the mill has shut down it's so quiet, I cant sleep.


    Instrumental over verse

    The mill has shut down,'twas the only life I know,
    Tell me where will I go, tell me where will I go.


    I'm too old to work and Im too young to die,
    Tell me where will I go now my family and I

    Repeat the first verse
    Chorus x2
    Repeat last line of chorus