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Roud Folk Song Index #911

This is the American version of the Irish song Siúil a ruin. During the American Revolutionary War, this song was sung as “Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier”. Shule (suil) agra means “go, my dear” The meaning of the chorus is “may you walk safely, my beloved” - appropriate for either version!

    Shule Agra

    by trad
    I [Am] would I [G] were on [Am] yonder [Em] hill
    tis [C] there I’d [Am] sit and [Dm] cry my [G7] fill
    Till [C] every [Am] tear would [F] turn a [D7] mill
    Is go [Dm] de [Am] tu, ma [G] vour [Em] nin [Am] slan
    [pron. Ish go day too ma vour nyeen slawn]

    I’ll sell my rack I’ll sell my reel
    and then I’ll sell my spinning wheel
    for to buy my love a sword of steel
    Is go detu, mavour-nin-slan

    I’ll dye my petticoat, I’ll dye it red
    and round the world I’ll beg my bread
    until my parents shall wish me dead
    Is go detu, mavour-nin-slan

    But now my love has gone to France
    to try his fortune to advance
    if he ever comes back, tis but a chance
    Is go detu, mavour-nin-slan