Page 145
Translated from Manx Gaelic
after the Magpie Lane / Peter Kennedy version, capo 2

Sheep Are 'Neath the Snow, The

by trad
After a [Bm] winter of [D] snowfall
and a [Bm] springtime [Em] of [F#m] frost
The young [G] lambs [D] were [F#m] living
but the [Bm] old sheep [F#m] were [Bm] lost

( Chorus
O [Bm] rise you [Em] my [Bm] shepherds,
[F#m] a- [Bm] way to [D] the [A] hill
The [D] old sheep [Bm] are [D] dying
[G] and the [Bm] snow's fall- [F#m] ing [Bm] still. )

The master of Raby Lay sick on his bed
With the cry of lost ewes and a fire in his head

Said the master of Raby, "I am sick and alone
My sheep cry for succor; My men yield them none."


[usually skipped]
I have sheep in the Laggan. I have goats at Clieau Rea
At the cliffs of Coan-y-Christey my ewes go astray

Then out went the shepherds in darkness and dread
And high on the mountain they found the sheep dead

The whole flock lay smothered in a drift on the hill
And over their bodies the snow gathered still


[usually skipped]
Said the master of Raby, my sheep cry in vain
And while I lay helpless none heeded my pain

And so they all perished for want of your skill
And over their bodies The snow gathered still