Page 148
capo 3
Cmaj7 032000
Am7 x02010
Dm7 xx0211
Em7 022030
Gmaj7 320002

    Sing, Sing A Song

    by Joe Raposo
    [G] Sing, sing a [Am7] song
    Sing out [G] loud, sing out [Dm7] strong [G7]
    [Cmaj7] Sing of good things not [G] bad
    [Em7] Sing of happy not [Am7] sad [D7]

    ( Chorus
    [G] Sing, sing a [Am7] song
    Make it [G] simple to [Gmaj7] last your whole life [Dm7] long [G7]
    Don't [Cmaj7] worry that it's not [B7] good enough
    For [Em7] anyone else to [A7] hear
    Just [Am7] sing, [D7] sing a [G] song )

    [G] La la do la da, [Gmaj7] la da la do la da
    [Cmaj7] La da da la do la da

    Sing, sing a song
    Let the world sing along
    Sing of love there could be
    Sing for you and for me


    La la do la da...

    [Later versions include:]

    Canta, Canta una cancion
    Canta en voz alto, Canta fuerte
    Cosas buenas, no malos
    Alegre, no triste

    Canta, Canta una cancion
    Todo la vida
    Don't worry that it's not good enough
    for anyone else to hear
    Canta, Canta una cancion