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Roud Folk Song Index #1778

The song refers to being transported from England to Australia
after Dan Milner, capo 1

Ten Thousand Miles Away

by Joseph B. Geoghegan
Oh [A] for a brave and a gallant ship,
And a fair an' a fav'rin' [D] breeze,
With a [D] bully crew an' a [A] captain too
To [D] carry me o'er the [E] seas;
To [A] carry me o'er the seas, me boys,
To me true love far a- [D] way,
For I'm [D] takin' a [C#m7#5] trip on a [Bm] Government [A] ship
Ten [E] thousand miles a- [D] way.

( Chorus:
Then, blow ye winds Hi ho!
A rovin' I will go.
I'll stay no more on Erin's shore
To hear fiddlers play
I'm off on the bounded Maine
And I won't be back again
For I'm on the move to my own true love
Ten thousand miles away )

My true love she was beautiful,
My true love she was young,
Her eyes were like the diamonds,
bright and silvery was her tongue
An' Silvery was her tongue me lads,
as the big ship left the bay
And she said will you remember me
ten thousand miles away.


It was a dark and dismal day
when last I saw my Peg
She'd a Government band around each hand
An' another one round her leg
And another one round her leg, me boys
As the big ship left the bay,
"Adieu," says she, "remember me
ten thousand miles away"


Oh, the sun may shine through the Dublin fog
Or the liffy run quite clear,
and the ocean brine turn into wine
and I forget my beer
and I forget my beer, me boys
Or the landlord's quarter-day
But I'll ner forget my own true love
Ten thousand miles away.

(Chorus x2)